Working extensively in the community, I learned to see the world in a very nuanced way. I love making films because I get to create a vision of the world I want to live in. I film banquets, conferences, promotional reels, short narratives, documentaries, fundraising videos, weddings, and birthdays.


  • XANH (2016)Producer, Editor | Trailer

Raised $20,000 through Kickstarter, small grants, and benefit party
Awarded GAPA Foundation and Red Envelop Giving Circle
Managed a cast and crew of 40 people
HBO contestant for APA Visionaries Contest

    • Possibly (2013)Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor | Watch

(2014) Oakland, First Friday Shorts at The New Parkway Theater
(2014) San Francisco, Frameline International LGBTQ Film Festival
(2015) UC Berkeley, 8th annual Queer & Asian Conference
(2015) Rochester, New York, Unity Fellowship Church Movement
(2015) Ontario, Canada, Rainbow Reels Queer Film Festival in Waterloo
(2016) Boston, LGBT Film Festival


  • Deported (2017) – Research Assistant | Watch 
  • Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story – Boom Operator | Watch
  • Journey to the Nail Salon (2015) Producer, Videographer, Editor | Watch

(2016) LA, The California Endowment Convening
(2016) San Francisco, Queer Women of Color Film Festival

  • Finding Each Other (2015) – Director of Photography | Watch

(2016) Queer & Asian Conference, UC Berkeley
(2016) Boston LGBT Film Festival: WICKED QUEER
(2015) Queer Activism Shorts @ SQIFF
(2015) Scottish Queer International Film Festival


  • Family Builder’s 40th (2016) – Director of Photography, Sound Mixer | Watch
  • On the Edge of Race and Gender by Willy Wilkinson (2015) – Director, DP, Sound Mixer, Editor | Watch
  • API Legal Outreach’s 40th (2015) – Director, DP, Sound Mixer, Editor | Watch
  • NQAPIA Immigration Reform (2015) – Producer, Editor Watch
  • APIQWTC 26th Lunar New Year Banquet (2015) – Videographer